Sal’s Segways are back!

Our original delivery method is back… the Sal’s Segway! Our loyal Sal’s supporters will remember the early days of delivery when our delivery drivers would zoom around the CBD delivering your favourite pies to every corner of the city. Well, the time has come for a reintroduction – a way of delivering FAST, HOT, and DELICIOUS New York pizzas without the hassle of car park location, a messy carbon footprint, or a 30% third party delivery fee.

We’re pleased to announce that our Auckland City pizzerias are now back on the two wheeler and ready for your next pizza delivery!

Our Segway story has been one heck of a ride – if you want to find our more you can read the full article link attached below:

NZ’s ‘food deliveries on Segway PTs’ pioneers include Sal’s Pizza and others