We’ve had the good fortune of being made privy to a legendary pizza maker’s secret family recipe and have spent years perfecting Salvatore Leo’s well-guarded pizza making techniques.


Our Menu

We are proud to say all of our base ingredients are 100% AUTHENTIC and are imported to New Zealand. You will only find these at Sal’s:

Our signature slow risen dough is made using genuine New York Milled Hard Spring Wheat Flour for that authentic New York base you can fold. Crispy on the outside, but light, tender and airy on the inside.

Our sweet tomato sauce is made fresh daily using Sal’s famous recipe and comes from Vine Ripened California Tomatoes.

Our 100% Premium Wisconsin Mozzarella is produced using the highest quality milk from sustainably farmed “happy cows”. (Wisconsin has been producing Cheese since the 18th century).

Our Famous New York Pepperoni and Italian Meatballs are exclusive to Sal’s.

Our Free Range Buffalo Wings are made with the Authentic “Original 1964 Buffalo” recipe.


Our Pizzerias

EXPECT THE full NEW YORK pizzeria experience AT SAL’S. TAKE A SEAT IN A COZY BOOTH AND SOAK UP THE AROMA COMING FROM OUR HOT ovens, AMONGST the hustle and bustle OF your pizza being made FRESH, BY HAND, right in front of you.

Find your local pizzeria

With over 25 pizzerias throughout New Zealand and more on the way, you can be sure a Sal’s pizzeria is opening somewhere near you soon. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated on our new pizzerias.

Our Story

Salvatore Leo was born in 1941 in a little town called Corato in the Puglia region of southern Italy.

A few years later, his mother, Graziela, hoping to provide a better life for her eldest son, sent him to live with two of his fathers brothers in New York.

Sal took up residence with his Uncle Charlie, Aunt Lena and his four cousins in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He entered fifth grade alongside ‘American’ Sal, speaking no English except (as legend has it) to proclaim himself a New York Yankee fan after ‘American’ Sal professed his Brooklyn Dodgers allegiance.

Sal graduated from high school in 1959 and his first job was helping out his cousin Richieat Richie’s pizzeria – Corato Pizza – in Ridgewood, Queens. It was here that Sal discovered his talent for pizza making.


An old family recipe is reborn

Using Sal’s Special Marinara Sauce with an old family recipe, our Premium Wisconsin mozzarella is combined with the finest parmesan and freshest basil.

Twice baked to form our crispiest pizza!

We are proud to offer you the NONNA, our newest pizza, one grandma would be proud of!

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