Sal’s Pizza is Famous by the Slice!

Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza Slices!


Just like they do in The Big Apple, Sal’s offers Authentic New York Pizza by the Slice! A New York way of life that gives pizza lovers a chance to try their new favourite slice, get great value with a HUGE piece of pie, and grab a quick bite to go when you’ve got places to be and people to see..

Sal’s is Famous by the Slice. Everything from being served on a paper plate to the crisp ‘New York Fold’ that helps you devour your slice the correct way.. We’ve got our Famous NYC Slices on display at your local pizzeria for your next lunch break, pre-dinner pick-me-up, and your after hours cure..

Stop by, grab a Slice of New York and taste the difference of Authentic Ingredients imported all the way from the Empire State…