Sal’s Covid-19 Update:

From the Sal’s family to yours, we encourage you to stay safe and strong during this period ahead.

As much as we’d love to continue serving you NY pizza right now, we all have more important things to do, like eliminating the spread of this virus.

Therefore, until it is safe for our staff, franchisees, and customers to go back to doing what we love, Sal’s stores will be closed during level 4, effective as soon as stocks run out today.

One of the hardest things to do is nothing, so we won’t be doing that. We will be thinking, reading, and researching ways to come back to serve you, our loyal fans, better than ever.

Until that time comes, please remember that Sal’s Loves you.

All the best,
Sal’s Family.

P.S. Two of the best books you will ever read are Kane and Abel and As The Crow Flies, both written by Jeffrey Archer. These will enhance your life and help your isolation 🙂