Congrats Sal’s NBL Winners!

We received SO many entries for our Sal’s NBL trip to the Final Four in Christchurch over July 20-21 that we couldn’t choose just one! After reading hundreds of deserving entries and comments we narrowed it down to Holly Jamieson and Stacey Mahoney. Take a look below at their amazing comments and check them out eating at our Lichfield pizzeria! We’re not sure if they’re more excited about the free trip to the basketball or the ALL YOU CAN EAT pizza for the entire weekend!

Holly Jamieson: “I moved out of home in Christchurch this year and shifted to Wellington for a graduate job 😊 It’s been my first time living away from home and I miss my parents and sister so much! ❤️ It’s Mum’s 50th birthday and my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary this year, so I’d love to spend time visiting them in Christchurch! 👍 I’m also a huge fan of basketball and miss attending the Rams games, and Sal’s pizza is my favourite food! 🍕 I’d take my colleague Stu who is also from the South Island and would love this too!”

Stacey Mahoney: “Would love to take my middle girl Brya. She is absolutely basketball mad, is the youngest girl in her school Year 7/8 team going to AIMS in September, and just lives and breaths this game! Trains 2-3 times a week, plays twice a week…and at just 11 is working towards getting qualified as a ref. Last week whilst reffing her 3rd game of the night (and having played a game) she took a bit of a tumble and broke both bones in her forearm! 😱😱. She picked herself up and kept on reffing, not realising her arm was literally out of place! So now 6 weeks in a cast….and 8-10 weeks out of sport, she should be right just before the AIMS Games we’re hoping. She is so basketball mad, she even reffed 5 games on Saturday at an U13 tournament….sshhhh, don’t tell the Dr! The only thing she loves just as much as basketball is Sal’s pizza….this would be the dream weekend for her!