We’ve Reinvented The Wheel! 

Welcome to the Family, Sal’s Veggie and Sausage Wheels!


We’ve reinvented the wheel and have a deal for you this December! Our latest Veggie Wheels and Sausage Jalapeno Wheels are here for a limited time, so try one of each OR two of the same for $9.50 this December! That’s right, grab two wheels for just $9.50.. 

Our Veggie Wheels are packed full of flavour with fresh Mushrooms, crisp Onions, hot Jalapenos, and our gooey Wisconsin Mozzarella Cheese.. Finally a garden fresh and delicious wheel that will drive our plant lovers crazy!

The Sausage Jalapeno Wheel adds a bit of a kick and is bursting with hot and fresh Jalapenos, coupled with our Famous Italian Sausage and Wisconsin Mozzarella Cheese.. Our Authentic Sausage Jalapeno Wheel draws out the perfect combination of flavours to form an instant classic that’s here just in time for summer!

So, without any further ado.. Please welcome our Veggie and Sausage Wheels! Grab any two wheels for $9.50! Available in-store and online.

*Available online and in-store. Limited time only, not available with any other offer, voucher, or deal.